Welcome to my digital journal

I have loved writing since I was a kid. When I was at school, grammar was one of the few subjects I was very confident about; I had high scores in essays and the teachers were always praising me (but don’t ask me about my maths! πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ). I heard on a few occasions in my life that I should write a book (maybe one day, who knows!). I even wrote lots of poems and acrostics (I'm addicted to them πŸ˜‚) when I was a teenager, but most of them got lost over the years - I never thought they were good enough to be shared πŸ™ˆ

I won’t take all the glory though, as I had the best teacher in the world – my grandmother Leila (yes, that's where I got my name from - check out more here). She helped me by not only teaching me, but also (and mainly) by being a great inspiration – she is an extraordinary and impeccable writer! She is retired now, but she wrote books and won many essay competitions, not to mention the countless occasions she wrote for the local newspaper pro gratis! ❀

I would say I’m only 5% as good as her (and that’s in Portuguese! πŸ˜‚) but I try my best.

When I was building this website, I came to realise how great it would be to put the two passions together: photography and writing. Here you will find a mix of stories - mainly related to photography - personal stuff, behind the scenes, etc. Some are long reads, so if you are not a big fan of reading you are in the wrong place, but I promise I have some interesting stories!

Welcome! πŸ˜Š